“The program provided structured solutions to problems”

“The program gives insights into management functions”

“It helps in the areas of HR, Cash and Customer Acquisition”

“The program is immensely useful for SMEs”

“I learnt the importance of HR”

“I developed key business connects”

“The program changed my thoughts on HR”

“The program helped me dream big”

“I learnt a lot from peer experiences”

“I benefited from mentoring & peer learning ”

“I realised the importance of automating processes”

“I addressed my distribution & marketing challenges”

“I understood the critical factors in running a startup”

“I benefited from expert guidance & networking”

“I scaled my business”

“I developed focus on key aspects of product offerings”

“Better connections & mentoring were key benefits”

“I learnt about FMCG from industry experts”

“Mentor & peer connects were my key takeaways”

“I fine-tuned my distribution strategy”

“I got access to subject matter experts”

“Networking & mentoring connects were helpful”

“I was able to address the distribution challenges”

“I set up processes & created frameworks”