Relentless focus on 3 Cs

Customer | Cash | Capacity
Facilitated through Customer Connects,
Personalized Growth Coaches and access to Domain Experts

WF Venture ScaleUp is a three-month accelerator program aimed at hyper-growth oriented startups.
The program provides focused coaching and consulting on three growth levers – CUSTOMER, CASH, and CAPACITY using SCALING LEAN principles.
We provide investor and customer connects as part of the program.

Our growth coaches, domain experts and mentors will work with participating entrepreneurs one-on-one to help achieve tangible growth with focus on right ‘Traction Metrics’. Ours is a zero-equity and no-fees program.

Scaling Lean

  • Build your “Customer Factory” using the lean business model
  • Arrive at the right “Traction Metric” to track and demonstrate your startup growth
  • Use LEAN AGILE Project Management to drive velocity while growing your business

Growth Coaches
and Experts

  • Benefit from personal coaching – intensely over 3 months & follow-ups over next 9 months
  • Connect with domain experts from specific areas like Sales, Digital Marketing, Product Development, HR, Legal, Industry Expertise, UI/UX, Taxation, and Overseas Expansion

Right Connections in the Right Places

  • Strategic customer and investor connects for hyper-growth
  • Curated marquee ecosystem connects
  • Global business connects in 15 countries
  • Extended mentor and investor networks

Ash Maurya

Participating startups will gain insights into scaling their startups and using key metrics for startup growth from Ash Maurya, author, Running Lean and Scaling Lean, and the creator of the Lean Canvas.
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Program Details - Bangalore

  • Session Starts: June 2018

Program Details - Pune

  • Session Starts: June 2018

Note: WF Venture ScaleUp program does not charge fees from participating entrepreneurs


  • With paying customers
  • Have already demonstrated product-market fit
  • Ideas and business models that have the potential for hyper-growth
  • Funding status: Angel to Series A funding (or bootstrapped with similar levels of traction)

Cohort Speak


Being a startup, it was challenging for us to understand the nuances of running a business efficiently, connecting with the right mentors, who in turn helped us with customer and talent acquisition.

Viraj VaidyaCo-founder, SURGERi

Mentors at the WF Venture ScaleUp program constantly questioned our business plan and assumptions, and gave many out-of-the-box suggestions due to which we were able to improve our operational efficiency.

Vinnu KCo-founder & COO, CarIQ

The WF Venture ScaleUp program gave us clarity towards the functioning of our business and provided focus on the things we were initially neglecting.

Jagriti ChoudharyCo-founder, SkinYoga

Wadhwani Foundation's Venture ScaleUp accelerator program has helped PROSOC in a great extent to reach out to many new marketing and business development leads. The support for promoting DESKIT helped us to close the orders from few major CSR and Government funding partners. At the start of the program, our average impact through DESKIT on an average in a month was to reach 1,000 students. At the end of 3 months, due to the vast networking support, the average has tripled to 3,000 per month and a prospective pipeline of around 2 Lac DESKITs is being projected considering the orders under negotiation. All due to the great networking support by Wadhwani Foundation.

Eshan SadasivanCEO, PROSOC Innovators

“We have seen that scaling is not easy in a B2C app like ours. One of the challenges for us was to grow with referrals and word-of-mouth, as we don’t want to spend too much on marketing. This was one aspect where the Wadhwani program, helped us in figuring out how and what to do, to scale.

Chaitanya DegalaCo-Founder, TinMen

The key learning from Wadhwani Foundation is how we should see a problem with different perspectives. After running the business for 4-years, we just focused on a single process and solution. But, time spent on one-on-one sessions and the traction models that Wadhwani Foundation has asked us to try out gave us a different perspective. As a result, through ‘Staytions’ we expect to revolutionize what last mile logistics can do.

Srinivas Madhavam and A.S.K. Chaitanya ReddyCo-founders of VeDeliver

The one-on-one mentoring sessions with the Wadhwani team members helped us capture our thoughts in a more organized way. It also helped us identify channels to crack some key partnerships.

Anusha K P and Muralidhar NayakCo-Founders, Paymatrix

Wadhwani Foundation helped me understand the legal and financial aspects on how to run a company. For somebody who has just done technical stuff and nothing else, the program has been immensely helpful. I understood what it takes to run a company and how to manage my cash flow for my operations. I managed to come with a thought and a business model and now, walk away from the program with an excellent execution plan.

Ravi BulusuFounder & CEO, Enmovil Solutions Private Limited

The lean methodology has helped us a lot, regarding learning and strategizing our future journey. Wadhwani Foundation has helped us realize the right traction metrics, which are very relevant and proprietary to our startup and idea.

Sandeep Bommireddi and Sravanth GajulaCo-Founders, Adonmo

This program so has been a great experience. There have been very knowledgeable experts who have come in and had discussion with us.The team has been of great help by getting all these amazing experts together.

MaulickMojo Bar

We have had truly insightful discussions with industry experts and on the do’s and donts’ and how the offline market works. With Wadhwani Foundation, We think in the next 3 months we would achieve growth that would be possible in next 18 months. We are looking forward to connect with channel partners and scaleup our business.

Yash St. Dvence

Great effort by the team WF. Special thanks to Avinash for the great insights on distribution, retail placement and positioning. Thanks for the connects.


I am quite impressed by the way the program has been designed and implemented. The program has started making sense and started creating value for us. Lot of new directions and line of thoughts have emerged out of the program for our business.


The Foundation has been able to get Industry experts from across various fields from Online to offline retail and it has been quite a learning and we highly recommend this program to any young and energetic entrepreneur. Kudos to the entire team for putting in the effort, a special thank you to Mr. Wadhwani for making this possible for us. Please keep the engagement going for as long as possible. We’ll make you proud!


The WF team is as passionate as we are- kudos to time entire team. This program is aptly placed to give us the kind of support to help us scale.We are very confident that things that we have been trying to figure out on our own in the last couple of years regarding getting into Supermarkets, tapping distribution channels and retail etc will get answered in a much faster way through this


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