What is WF Venture ScaleUp?

WF Venture ScaleUp is a three-month accelerator program aimed at hyper-growth oriented startups. The program provides focused coaching and consulting on three growth levers – CUSTOMER, CASH, and CAPACITY using SCALING LEAN principles. We provide investor and customer connects as part of the program.

Our growth coaches, domain experts and mentors will work with participating entrepreneurs one-on-one to help achieve tangible growth with the focus on right ‘Traction Metrics’.

Ours is a zero-equity and no-fees program.

What happens at WF Venture ScaleUp?

Venture Scaleup is an acceleration program designed for growth-stage companies to help accelerate their growth locally and globally. WF Venture ScaleUp will select 10-15 startups that will be part of the blended acceleration program. The program is equity-free for the selected startups.

Selected startups are required to attend the Induction Week sessions in person at the city of their preference – Hyderabad or Pune. This will be followed by fortnightly sessions conducted over weekends until program closure at the end of three months.

Broadly the three stages of the program shall include:

1. Induction Week
o Goal Setting:Startups and program leaders define the roadmap for three months. This is accomplished through multiple one-on-one sessions and workshops.
o The objective of this stage is to understand the potential of the startup, its challenges and opportunities in detail. Startups chalk out an operational plan along with mentors/coaches for the next three months. This period also enables in depth engagement amongst peers and mentors.

2. Three-month blended learning process
o During this period, a series of workshops/webinars enable startups to apply their principles with the help of the experts/mentors.
o Mentoring is the cornerstone of the program at this stage. Multiple mentors/subject matter experts work with each startup to develop a customised mentoring plan.
o Regular review meetings to track progress and make necessary changes during the program.
o Depending on the progress and commitment of the founders towards the program, startups are connected to prospective customers and investors through WF’s network.

What do I get out of participating in the WF Venture ScaleUp program?

Mentorship: Access to high profile mentors. You will have access to the WF team, seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced investors and individuals with considerable expertise in their fields to give feedback, business connects and offer guidance. We’ll arrange talks and chats on various aspects of business depending on the need of the startup cohort.

Sales Growth Guidance: Sales tools and techniques to help you in hyper-growth.

Fundraising Support: Guidance on perfecting your pitch and various nuances of fundraising.

What happens after three months of the WF Venture ScaleUp program?

Support to the accelerated companies continues even after the end of the three-month program. Monthly review meetings will continue to track progress and make the relevant introductions as required. All the graduating startups gain access to our mentoring platform, MENTORWISE. The platform enables us to match your business requirements to a relevant mentor.

What is the eligibility criteria for applying for the program? What are the critical metrics against which WF evaluates startups?

WF Venture Scaleup is an accelerator programme most suitable for growth-stage startups. The following are the basic criteria against which applications are evaluated:
o Startups who have a running venture with paying customers.
o Startups who have already demonstrated product-market fit.
o Ideas and business models that have potential for hyper-growth.
o Funding status: Angel to Series A funding (or bootstrapped with similar levels of traction).

Is my Intellectual Property protected?

All the application data that you share is confidential and will not be shared with anyone apart from the WF team. As we receive many applications from startups with similar ideas/focus areas, please do not ask for an NDA at this stage. However, we shall get into a bilateral NDA once the program launches.

Do I have to be in the host city (Hyderabad/Pune) to join? Does the program take care of our accommodation for the times I am required to be in the host cities?

We do not require your team to be in the host city for the duration of 3 months. However, we need cofounders and key team members to be physically accessible during the induction week and fortnightly sessions.
It is your responsibility to find your own accommodation, however, you can reach out to our program coordinator once selected for any assistance.

What is a typical week for a founder participating in the program?

You can expect intensive full-day workshops/review sessions every other weekend (Friday/Saturday). During the week, following the workshop/sessions, the founders work closely with the growth coach allocated to them to apply the learnings of the workshop in their business to achieve results. The growth coach and founder meet at least once a week to assess the progress of the goals.

Is there a participant fee for attending WF Venture ScaleUp?

There is no participant fee involved for attending the program. Also, the program does not charge equity from participating startups. However, we have a limited intake and shall choose the companies based on our evaluation criteria.

Can my startup team join with me too?

Two founders per startup can join the program. If you have any additional requirements, please reach out to our team.

Will you provide funding for my business?

The accelerator program provides you the opportunity to pitch to investors, venture capitalists, influential industry leaders and corporations during the program depending on your investment readiness.

Will you provide co-working space for the cohort startups?

If you are interested, WF Venture ScaleUp can offer office spaces to selected startups at attractive rates through agreements with partner entities. Reach out to our team if you need more information regarding this service.

Is this program only for tech startups?

We are sector-agnostic but emphasize on startups that have achieved significant traction.

I have applied but haven’t heard back yet? When will I get a reply?

We receive many applications and review them individually. We try and respond to everyone with a yes or no at the earliest with our feedback. However, please give us three weeks’ time from the close of application date.

Why did you not accept my application? Should I apply again if you have rejected me once?

We receive many applications and choose the top 10-15 companies as judged by a panel of entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. We shall provide a brief feedback along with our intimation e-mail. You can definitely apply for the subsequent programs after making more progress on the business.

Are participating startups required to follow any PR guidelines?

All participating startups should display “WF Accelerated” on the ‘About Us’ page of their official websites. Wadhwani Foundation should be mentioned in any press releases or publicity campaigns during 12 months of the program.

What is Wadhwani Foundation?

Wadhwani Foundation was founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies through large-scale job creation. The Foundation is present in Asia, Africa, and Latin America operating in association with governments, corporates, mentors, investors, and educational institutes. Its initiatives are driving job creation through entrepreneurship, skills development, and innovation. Visit us at https://www.wfglobal.org/ to learn more.

What is National Entrepreneurship Network (WF)?

National Entrepreneurship Network (WF) inspires, educates, and supports entrepreneurs to create high-value companies and jobs. WF creates city-based entrepreneurial ecosystems consisting of institutes that teach entrepreneurship and network of mentors, investors, and incubators that support startups and SMEs. WF also aims to create world-class innovation ecosystems in critical sectors of high importance. Go to https://www.wfnen.org/ to learn more.

Who is Dr. Romesh Wadhwani?

Romesh is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for wealth creation. After building three large-scale, successful companies in three decades, the last of which was sold for over $9 billion, Romesh founded the Wadhwani Foundations in 2000 to which he has committed to donate most of his wealth. He is also a member of the Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge. Romesh envisioned a high-impact social change in emerging economies through sustained economic acceleration. This vision led to the launch of Wadhwani Foundations five Initiatives through which the Foundation drives large-scale job creation and skill development in multiple countries. Watch Dr. Romesh Wadhwani talk about entrepreneurship here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYoXzviWPyk.