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Empowering SMEs with Automated Business Discovery and Transformation Tools
to monitor key performance indicators

Business Discovery and Transformation Tools

The Wadhwani Advantage Business Discovery and Transformation tools for SMEs entails the proprietary Wadhwani Index and Scoring system equipped with automated intelligence and logic that sets specific and measurable goals for performance improvement and making data-based sound business decisions. The tool has tens of in-built scenarios for each of the indicators for recommending the appropriate transformation projects for SMEs to accelerate their growth and become industry leaders.

Key Features

  • Personalized Training and intervention to build your capabilities
  • ~300 human years of subject matter experience
  •  Focused on ‘Growth’ and ‘Efficiency’
  • 34 critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • ‘Data-led’ for informed decision making
  • Industry benchmarked
  • 10 rigorous logical consistency tests
  • Market-tested with subject matter experts and SMEs
  • Dynamic, updated monthly
  • Easy to use ‘Platform’
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Program Selection Criteria

  • A growth mindset
  • Willing to ask for help
  • Potential to create incremental jobs
  • Deeply commitment to transform and professionalize
  • Willingness to share data for growth analysis
  • Willing to use technology for interactions
  • Willing to build a professional team
  • Willing for regular connect (3 hours a week)
For small businesses interested in using our ‘Business Discovery and Transformation Tools’, register here and we will revert to you: