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Wadhwani Advantage

Empowering businesses with capabilities
to maximise their growth potential

Wadhwani Advantage

Accelerating revenue of businesses between 2x-10x

Wadhwani Advantage

Empowering SME entrepreneurs with capabilities to realise their business growth potential through a personalized AI-led acceleration program


Wadhwani Advantage

Accelerating revenue of SMEs between 2x-10x

About Wadhwani Advantage

Wadhwani Advantage empowers businesses with automated ‘Business Discovery and Transformation Tools’ to maximize their growth potential. The program includes 1-12 months of engagement to empower businesses achieve hyper-growth and offers up to three years of hand-holding support enabled through a personalized Artificial Intelligence led business acceleration program.

Why Wadhwani Advantage?

Our program accelerates businesses towards hyper-growth and high-value jobs by driving self-sufficiency and skills development through:

  • ‘Do-It-Yourself (DIY)’ tool kits using the automated logic in helping businesses build insights and define transformation projects
  • A curated network of consultants, advisors, coaches and mentors
  • An AI-enabled knowledge and connect platform
  • Program Management Office (PMO) support to hand-hold the entrepreneurs and functional heads in transforming their businesses
  • Wadhwani Index and Certification to signify the readiness of the enterprise to solve business problems on own

Our Automated Business Discovery and Transformation Tools

Featuring the proprietary Wadhwani Index and Scoring system equipped with automated intelligence and logic

Business Transformation

Ongoing Support

360° Support Tech Platform

Invite Only

Wadhwani Advantage is an invitation-only program for small businesses with an employee strength of 50 to 250 employees.

Advantage Network

Our network of coaches and consultants will work side-by-side with you to analyse your growth concerns and help create a hyper-growth path for your business.

One Stop App

The program is enabled through the Wadhwani Advantage APP. The APP gives you instant access to personalized action-oriented content and connects.

One Stop App

The program is enabled through the Wadhwani Advantage APP. The APP gives you instant access to personalized action-oriented content and connects.

Businesses eligible to apply for the program:

  • Revenue > Rs 20 Crores
  • Employee strength >=100
  • Businesses like:
    • Automotive and Industrials | Med Devices and Healthcare Delivery | Food and Agri | Consumer Goods and Retail | Textiles and Apparel I Construction products I Manufacturing Services such as Logistics, Warehousing, Professional Services firms, Education
  • Willingness and commitment of Top management and their direct reports to spend time with our teams to transform businesses and build capabilities
  • Willingness and commitment to share company data with our teams to make sound decisions while we promise to keep your data confidential for perpetuity
  • Willingness and commitment to using our technology platform to connect to curated knowledge resources and network of peer businesses, customers and suppliers

Hurry, Take Advantage, Now!

The one stop app

Wadhwani Advantage Technology Platform

The AI-empowered technology platform, GENIE, is a self-help SME Consulting Solution which enables SMEs towards self-driven perpetual growth through personalized, on-demand, knowledge, skills, and expert connects. The Wadhwani Advantage app provides instant access to personalized action-oriented content and connects. The 360° support provided by the tech platform includes building market capabilities through access to market and expert/peer networks, webcasts, partner workshops, case studies etc.

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